Valentine’s Day Wreath
easy diy valentines day wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The first big decorating holiday of the year and I can’t wait! I love reasons to celebrate, especially when it’s cold and rainy out, why not stay in and make some fun decor?! We’re making super simple Heart Wreaths that you can decorate in any way you’d like, with as much bling as you’d like! It’s an easy and fun way to add some color to Winter and get ready for Valentine’s Day!



  1. Starting at the point of the heart wreath, wrap the end of the burlap around the side and hot glue the end to a wrung of the wreath. Tightly wrap ribbon around the wreath, working your way up. Make sure to keep your layers evenly spaced apart.
  2. I used two rolls of 9′ burlap ribbon for this wreath. When you get to the end of the first roll, add a dab of hot glue where it ends, and secure the end of the ribbon to the wreath. Continue with second roll where the first one ended, securing it with a dab of hot glue. When you go around the center of the heart, make sure to keep your ribbon wrapped tightly to keep the form.
  3. When you get to the end of the wreath, at the pointed tip, I like to add hot glue along the point so the ribbon keeps the shape of the wreath. When you’ve wrapped it all the way around, try to make the end of your ribbon wrap around to the back, even if you have to cut it, then secure end with a small dot of hot glue.
  4. I used about 6 flower heads for the bottom of my wreath. Use the wire cutters to cut as close to the base of the flower without damaging the leaves (you don’t want it to fall apart!). My flowers were Valentine’s Day themed so they came with glittered hearts and baby’s breath, so I also cut those off and a few of the leaves as well.
  5. Starting on one side of the wreath, plan out where and how far you want your flowers to spread.
  6. I hot glued two sets of leaves (one on either side) to border out how far I wanted my flowers to go, while adding some color with the green. I then glued a small sprig of baby’s breath on top of the leaves, so they stick out from the flowers.
  7. When you’re ready and know where you want to put your flowers, add hot glue to the base of the first flower and press ontop of the leaves. Work your way across the bottom of the wreath, adding in as many flowers as you’d like to fill it until you get to the other leaves.
  8. You can leave the wreath as is, it’s a very simple and beautiful style wreath. I decided to add some bling to the wreath and glued on two of the glitter hearts that came with my flowers.
  9. I also added some glitter heart stickers I found and placed them all over the wreath. It gives it more dimension and some sparkle!
  10. And some string or twine to the top and hang your beautiful wreath!


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